By Anthony Pateras

Tomorrow night there is an (if I do say so myself) amazing gig at Glebe Justice Centre at 8pm!!!!

I will be premiering my new trio INFINITE VARIATIONS ON COLLAPSED TIME written for JULIA REIDY (12 string guitar), BREE VAN REYK (vibraphone) and myself (prepared piano).

NATASHA ANDERSON will be diffusing electronic excerpts from her extraordinary new piece NOWHERE AND FOREVER written for 6-channel speaker matrix and violist Brett Dean that will be performed at Carriageworks) next Sunday. Do not miss this gig by the way! Installation begins at 1630!!!

London-based Australian electro-acoustic polymath BEN.HARPER will be performing excerpts from his 2015 masterpiece CHAIN OF PONDS.

Inland head honcho ALEX GARSDEN will be reprising his gorgeous microtonal guitar duo with Julia that was performed in Melbourne last week...

Swedish composer HANNA HARTMAN is in town for one last concert before returning to Berlin, working with her otherwordly breath-controlled hydrophones, potato starch textures (yes) and performable sonic micro-scultptures. Free bag of instrumentally-tuned organic potato starch with every Hanna Hartman CD purchased! :)

And last but not least ROHAN DRAPE will astound with another exquisite jewel of FoxFM meets-Lovely Music flavoured avant situationism. The most beautifully cryptic composer working in Australia today, hands down.


8pm Monday 14 November 2016
Glebe Justice Centre, 37-47 St. Johns Road, Glebe
Tickets $20/$12 | Guest curator: Anthony Pateras